What is "Kiwami" Banana bread?

After repeated research, the best banana bread has been completed!

This banana bread has been on the market only a few times in the past and has already become a hot topic among food connoisseurs.

It is a premium banana bread that has overturned the traditional image of a family confectionery.

Using only the finest domestic bananas, that can be eaten right down to the skin which is extremely rare and expensive, the chef has sublimated the taste of banana bread to a new level, allowing you to discover a new taste of banana.

It is moist but not too dense. As the day goes by, the aroma rises and the banana flavor comes alive.

The delicacy is so perfectly calculated that it instantly captivates those who eat it.

The ingredients are very simple.

Bananas, flour, butter, Greek yogurt, vanilla oil, baking powder, and walnuts for accent.

Bananas that have been fully ripened to bring out their sweetness and richness are roughly mashed with a fork, mixed with flour and other ingredients, and placed in the oven.

The simplicity of the ingredients makes it difficult to create any kind of imitation.

This time, we were particularly focused on Japanese bananas. We used two bananas, which cost nearly 1,000 yen each, for each banana bread. Domestic bananas are characterized by their thin skin and rich, creamy flavor. The fruit is filled to the brim with a rich aroma and a dense flavor, just like ice cream.

Domestic bananas are characterized by their rich flavor and aroma due to their lower water content compared to foreign bananas, but baking them further concentrates this flavor and makes them taste even more delicious. The taste of 120% banana flavor is packed into a single piece of banana bread.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy 876 Days banana bread!