Premium Banana Bread "Kiwami"

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Discover the taste of Miyazaki bananas!
The "Kiwami" is made with Japanese bananas, which cost about 1,000 yen each, and has a more exquisite flavor and sweetness.
Kiwami is a top-quality banana bread that has greatly overturned the traditional image of a home pastry!
It is moist but not too dense. As the day goes by, the aroma and flavor of the bananas come to life.
The delicacy is calculated to perfection and immediately captivates those who eat it.
The superb banana bread is made without using any artificial flavoring or other so-called chemical substances.
The banana bread is accompanied with a set of chocolate and mascarpone cheese sauce.
The chocolate sauce is a delicious combination of melted chocolate, cream, honey, and butter for a rich finish.
The mascarpone cheese sauce is made simply by incorporating whipped cream, egg yolks, sugar, mascarpone cheese, and a splash of Jamaican rum to accent the flavor.
The banana bread is delicious as is, however we hope that you enjoy the extra variation in taste with the accompanying sauces. 

Approximate size of product:
Weight: 1 piece (approx. 380 g)
Length: 16 cm 
Width:  6.5 cm 
Height: 4.5 cm